White Nationalist Charm School 101

The White Tea Room

I got into a very long debate, earlier today, on the Comments thread of an article on the Daily Stormer site. The topic was Mark Potok’s accurate assessment of the denizens of the strange world of what’s generally referred to as White Nationalism. Potok correctly noted that we were far more organized a decade ago, and now the various factions are at each other’s throats. The esteemed Mr. Andrew Anglin, purveyor of the Daily Stormer, offered a few suggestions as to how to remedy the pathology. So did assorted Commentors, including myself.


I write as a woman, because I am a woman. There are very, very, few women involved in what’s known as White Nationalism. I am concerned with the dearth of women involved in White Nationalism because in it takes White Women to make White babies with White men. I want other women to get involved, but there is virtually no…

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