Demonization Takes a Wide Stance

The Kakistocracy

Have you ever noticed that a certain majority group comprising approximately 10% of the Earth’s population is never “demonized” no matter the lurid exertions of its detractors? No, it’s always “demonization” for me but not for thee. It’s quite another example of this group’s legendary “privilege” that it is able to produce “demonization” with such mild effort and language. Other groups, by comparison, spangle the cobweb with calumny, never to receive proper recognition as “demonizers.” Consider it Hell’s glass ceiling.

That was my lament upon reading this piece on Hungary’s Viktor Orban at the Paris Hebdo rally. The headline was just another example of crediting a white man with what others have done so much better: Orban demonises immigrants at Paris march. Let’s take a look at this flaccid example of demonization.

Orban told Hungarian state TV in the margins of the rally, held in support of free speech and…

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