Ireland Fails To Deport Africans


By Colin Murphy

Empty plane leaves for Lagos as 300 evade deportation orders.

Nigerians crowd during previous census


 Over 300 (African Foreigners) avoided deportation to Nigeria last week on a flight that eventually carried just (9) nine people to Lagos, Nigeria the Sunday Tribune can reveal.

The Department of Justice had intended to deport 348 people. Of these 175 did not report to the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) as requested. A further 164 people due for deportation obtained injunctions against being deported in the courts, or were not deported for a variety of other reasons including “absence of travel documents, medical issues (persons deemed by medical practitioners to be unfit to travel) and previously undisclosed children in respect of whom recent asylum applications were made”, according to a Department of Justice spokesman.

The spokesman said the department’s previous experience was that a large number of people evaded deportation

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2 thoughts on “Ireland Fails To Deport Africans

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  1. Forget it! Sounds like Canada’s deportation laws are about as useful as tits on a bull. Same in the UK and Australia, give them bail on a promise to return for the flight home, and they disappear into the bright blue yonder. Well, wouldn’t you?
    Our immigration laws are ultimately, and effectively, in the hands of home grown fifth columnist lawyers and human rights leftards. Why would we bother voting for the politicians at all?

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