Entering “3rd-World” Britain


A radar tower at London Heathrow Airport London’s Heathrow Airport

Irish Savant

Well, you just got to hand it to Cardinal Walter Kasper.

As every schoolboy knows, this straight-talking German unhelpfully pointed out what must be blatantly obvious to everyone: that on landing in Heathrow (International airport) you feel you’re entering a 3rd-World country.

In fact, what surprises me is that anyone could seriously dispute this.

Heathrow has all the Third-World ingredients: Almost all the staff are either Black or Brown, while the organisation and operations are chaotic.

The question might well be asked — as to why the predominance of South Asians amongst the staff? The answer is simple – that’s what South Asians do.

Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis see it as their primary duty (well, secondary duty — first being scams and pilfering) to employ their own families and clans.

A senior operations planner at that airport (White)…

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