How To Colonize Britain


Immigration: A Plan To Alter The Nation’s Soul” is a U.K. column written on February 13, 2010, about three months before May’s U.K. general election.

Its author, Janet Daley, describes how the Labour government set out over a decade ago to increase immigration in order to ALTER the composition of the UK’s population. By bringing in large numbers of immigrants, it wanted to create “a multicultural society which would have to reassess its own history, replacing traditional pride with inherited guilt.”

This policy “would require the wholesale de-construction of the country’s sense of itsown identity.” In forming this policy, it did not consult with the UK public. Before implementing this policy, it did not ask the UK public to approve it.

The documents that describe this policy were [only] revealed early this year.

Ms. Daley rightly characterizes them as “political dynamite”. Undoubtedly, they…

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