Marxism on the White Side: A Subhuman Infiltration into European Future

Nordic Anti Semite

Walpurgishalle - Wolfgang Willrich Walpurgishalle – Wolfgang Willrich

This piece is written for today, it is pertinent and is a warning to my Germanic Folk and Nordicist Community. It is related to and almost a follow on from the previous piece Why White is not Good Enough. Together they are a necessary reaction to the derangement and absurdity of our times.

Within the internet ‘white nationalist movement’ lately, there has been a lot of whining by barely white people, desperate to be included. The infection of Marxism or subhumanity has already infected large portions of the so called ‘white race’, they are now presently speaking even for the pro white side. Marxism and equality (the destruction of greatness) has come to and infected very strongly the ‘pro white movement’, and it seems once you are white, that is where the new equality begins. It is being entertained now by many figures.

Ripley_map_of_cephalic_index_in_Europe Not all is…

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