‘Whiteness Studies’ Demands An Explanation


Clio Hall, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ Princeton University

By Sam Francis

On the same day that the U.S. Supreme Court unbosomed its wisdom on why whites should allow special privileges to less qualifiedNONwhites in admissions to elite law schools, the Washington Post published a huge front-page story on the merits of college courses designed to instigate racial guilt into whatever White students are still permitted to enroll.

If this little double whammy doesn’t tell Whites that something important is going on that they might want to find out about, it’s not clear what will send that message. [“Hue and Cry on ‘Whiteness Studies’; An Academic Field’s Take on Race Stirs Interest and Anger,” By Darryl Fears, Washington Post, June 20, 2003]

The courses, which the Post says are now taught at “at least 30 institutions—from Princeton University to the University of California at Los Angeles,” are known as “whiteness…

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