An Awakening Experience


Birmingham Central Mosque, Highgate, Birmingha... Muslim Mosque

I have just returned to London, where I have lived since I was 11 yrs. old.

I have been away for four years, living as an ethnic minority in a monocultural part of the world, amassing a host of stories to tell disbelieving friends. On the whole, I am glad to return.

I shan’t miss some locals’ assumptions that, being a white woman, if I was outside after dark and usually to walk the few metres between my house and the church, (that) I must be a prostitute eager to give them a blow job. I shan’t miss the abuse my priest husband received: the daubing of “Dirty white dogs” in red paint on the church door, the barrage of stones thrown at him by children shouting “Satan”.

He was called a “f***ing white bastard” more than once, though, notably, never when in a…

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The “Real” South Africa


By John Morse

A stunning article appeared in the Daily Mail of October 30th.

Written by Ross Benson, reporting first-hand from Johannesburg, it lifts the lid on the near-collapse ofSouth AfricasinceWhite-rule ended in 1994.


And how may one measure that catastrophe? South Africa’s regression towards primeval barbarism, which Benson details, is quite neatly summarised at the head of his article:

“A woman is raped every 28 seconds, qualified doctors are leaving in droves, while beggars and goats have set up home in the marble foyers of derelict banks. South Africa today has become a nation on the edge of self-destruction.”

See: Start Your Own News Blog

For all intents and purposes, law and order has broken down in South Africa. Any sense of security no longer exists. Says Benson of the country’s crime:-

Farmers are butchered in their fields. The…

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More Assaults on Free Speech


By Elizabeth Wright

Unfortunately….. there are always more updates to be done on the victims of Europe’s “hate crime” laws. In the last Commentary, The insidious chilling of debate,thought criminalsDavid Irving and Ernst Zundel were awaiting their fates in German and Austrian jail cells.

In December, Austria freed Irving, and in February, Germany sentenced Zundel to five years in prison. The 67-year-old Zundel has been incarcerated in Germany for almost four years for the “crime” of publicly disputing the official version of Holocaust history.

Also, in the grand democracy of Germany, Germar Rudolf is on trial for a report he authored in 1993 questioning, after his own examinations and research, the accepted, “official” account of the gas chambers in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Rudolf, a chemist and former doctoral candidate at the Max Planck Institute in 2004, had all his property confiscated…

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Daily Stormer Report


By Andrew Anglin

It is three months since I launched this site on July 4, 2013, and I believe it is appropriate to give a status report.

The response has been fantastic. According to Alexa, the premiere site for ranking website traffic, we are now sitting at 156,554, which might sound pretty far down, but makes us among the most popular nationalist websites in the world (as comparison, at time of writing, is at 156,272).

This is a new model following the “trutheralternative media platform, while injecting a fanatically nationalist narrative, and offering the solution of authoritarian socialism to the problems presented.

English: Alex Jones

I believe this site should begin to set the standard, as the old-line Alex Jones-type “NWO” movement attacking the government and preaching impotent libertarianism as a vague solution to this vague enemy … is in the…

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Smashing the French Event with Germanic Honesty

Nordic Anti Semite

Goyim Cattle do as they are told to do Goyim Cattle do as they are told to do in this entirely Jewish manipulated event

The Recent events in France can be so easily portrayed by the Jewish media to show only the effects of Islam or ‘Terrorism’ or ‘Fanatics’ on Europe. They can so easily be glossed over by even us to show the effects of a mass invasion of primitive unevolved stagnates and an antiquated religion on Europe. If we fail to take a closer look, they only show us what we all already know, that other races cause trouble, and that we would be better off without them. But they do more than that, they show us not only the consequences of an ongoing mass immigration of Subhumans, reducing our population to something irrelevant, which can be seen by Native Europeans having absolutely nothing to do with these events, nothing to do with perpetrating…

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