Leftist Infographic Distorts and Misleads: Saboteur365 Strips Away the Bullsh*t


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I found this while doing my daily research for this website. I haven’t the time right now to do a thorough job of researching the justice system, but the lies and distortions on this leftist infographic are so obvious, I have a duty to expose them now.

The focus of this leftist propaganda is racism. It subtly hints that white racism accounts for the arrest and incarceration of blacks in the USA. That’s bullsh*t.

First, there is no evidence of which I am aware that blacks are imprisoned because of their race. They are behind bars because a crime was committed, they were arrested, tried, and convicted of it, and sentenced to prison. Enough said. End of story.

The infographic appeals to white guilt by stating that a large fraction of blacks can’t vote because of their imprisonment. So f*cking what? How is this a problem?


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