Writer at American Thinker: What is America’s survival plan? Stop Muslim immigration!

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Minnesota! Photo: http://pamelageller.com/2014/06/fbi-minnesota-muslims-leave-us-wage-jihad-syria.html/

Carol Brown says there isn’t a plan at the moment, but gives us a list at American Thinker (yesterday) of what we must do in America as we watch Europe’s potential death in the face of the growing Islamic threat and Western societies (at least the ones which want to survive) reaction to it.

(If you are a new reader, see our ‘Invasion of Europe’ series, here.)

To set the stage (emphasis mine):

We’re facing the greatest national security threat we have ever known and there is no coherent plan to battle the enemy. This nation is so far behind the eight ball, the president and his minions won’t even name the enemy, no less fight it.

Name = Islam

Even worse, those in positions of power and influence misrepresent what the enemy stands for. Like a pre-recorded announcement that just won’t stop, we are endlessly…

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