Race, Crime & Media


Great Interview!

R. Cort Kirkwood

IF five White people carjacked a Black couple, tortured them for hours, then dumped the bodies, the national news media would descend upon the benighted city in which the dastardly crime occurred and, having reported the unspeakable deeds, then subject the rest of us to rants on racism, and harangues on hate.

It happened with James Byrd, the black man dragged to death behind a car in Jasper, Texas and it happens even when the crimes are fictive, as with huckstress Tawana Brawley and, more recently, the lacrosse team at Duke University.

“Though I have spent a lifetime in journalism, I do not read a newspaper, not the New York Times, nor the Washington Post, nor the Wall Street Journal. Nor, do I have television service.

Why? Because, having worked in that “restaurant”, I know better than to eat there…

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