White Privilege


By Remus

Let’s talk about race…… the one sure way to lose friends and readers.

Yes, we keep trying to put race behind us, but it’s shoved in our face at every turn. If we look away we’re cowards for not facing it openly and honestly, [and] if we respond, we’re boors by the mere fact of responding.

Talk of race has been arranged so dissent is not merely dissent, but good evidence of something unspeakable. It’s one of those rigged conversations where any decent person is expected to display good will by conceding the issue from the outset. So we remain silent, intimidated, actually, hoping the bad stuff goes away. Or at least away from us. And there’s the problem.

It’s not going away, it’s getting worse, and it’s not just getting worse on its own, it’s getting worse because there are people who are

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