Deport Fraudulent “Canadians”


By Brian Lilley


Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced two weeks ago that the government would strip 1800 people of Canadian citizenship after obtaining it through fraudulent means.

This, of course, greatly upset the Toronto Star (newspaper), and others who always claim the conservatives as being anti-immigrant.

How a government that lets in more than 680,000 people last year can be “anti-immigrant” is beyond me, but that’s what Canada did. In addition to the 280,000 permanent residents admitted to Canada, there were 380,000+ admitted as a “temporary” foreign workers, foreign students and other categories.

But in response to the move to strip citizenship from people who never should have gotten (citizenship) in the first place, the Toronto Star said:

Kenney is pre-empting real public debate by pushing hot buttons and waving red flags

They went on to characterize the revoking of fraudulent citizenship…

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