Lying, Cheating “Refugees”


Province of British Columbia in Canada British Columbia


Canadian security agents and immigration officials in (the province of) British Columbia, are being entertained by well concocted tales of “persecution”, “danger”, and “war” in a far off place (Sri Lanka) … where to stay is to die, to flee is to live.

They are — for the most part — stories fabricated to game Canada’s asylum system. Why wait years to come to Canada as an immigrant when a believable fable of persecution is all one needs to walk right into the country, and make oneself at home.

In fact, that is what some (invaders) thought they were going to do. According to this CBC news report “some of the nearly 500 Tamil migrants who ‘travelled’ (??) to British Columbia inside a cramped cargo ship had no idea that once they finally set foot on Canadian soil they could be kept behind bars…

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  1. There’s a day coming, when, in Canada and Australia specifically, certain people of the gullible persuasion are going to have to retreat into their shells, red faced with embarrassment as these tales of ‘political persecution’ and ‘fleeing tyranny’ are shown to be complete rubbish. The entire Human Rights Refugee Conventions have been misused and are no longer just guarantees of temporary protection, but have become informal direct shortcuts and pathways to permanent immigration.

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