Citizen Reporters Wanted


Dr. David Duke and his incredibly, important work … need you! needs eloquent and intelligent advocates to contribute articles and information for the benefit of its readers.

English: David Duke in Flanders, Belgium. David Duke in Flanders, Belgium.

This website, and its affiliates have become the Internet’s leading source of information, news and views on the Zio-Globalist threat to all mankind.

People from all over the earth come to this website every day to find out the truth behind world events. Our loyal readership and dedicated supporters continue to grow dramatically. This site’s popularity is built upon the lifetime efforts of my work and the efforts of a growing team of individuals like you.

Do you have something important to say which should reach a wider audience? Would you like to see your writing featured here? Now is your chance to do more than complain! If you are up to the challenge, your…

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