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The logo of the blogging software WordPress.

It’s FREE, and it’s EASY, and does not require a private hosting service or domain name!

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs (WeB-Logs) currently floating around cyberspace, and you could easily become acitizen journalist wishing to express  yourself. Obviously, we prefer using WordPress with its 370+ available themes, but there is also Blogspot, TypePad, LiveJournal, Moveable Type. (Note: WordPress has no affiliation to this short essay, other than, we appreciate using their service)

Choose a theme of your choice and start writing. If your writing skills fall short of your expectations, then ‘cut & paste‘ the written works of other, and more talented writers with whom you have something in common, as we often do here. But give credit to the original writer with an added link to the source, and remain within the boundaries of “fair use

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