“Joys of Diversity” ??


Are you still brainwashed by those false Orwellian and nonsensical slogans asserting that “Diversity is Our Strength“?

“Multiculturalism” is an artificial description used to describe Multi-Racialism which is a planned and sinister strategy designed to destabilize White western countries by promoting mass 3rd world immigration. And, unfortunately, it’s working!

Whitewestern nations seem to be simultaneously invaded by  incompatible NON-white peoples (in concert with their various “religions”) from diverse 3rd-world countries around the world.

Whether during times of good, or bad economic climates, this relentless invasion has been the theme for over 4 decades. You won’t find China, India, Pakistan, Nigeria or numerous other NON-white countries agitating for change and “diversity” in their respective peoples. That should be a clue to any rational-thinking person who believes something is “not quite right” in our own White western nations.

It took centuries of wars, blood…

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