Realising Where We Are In The World

Nordic Anti Semite

It has been a little while since something was last published on
There is much essays, informatives and educational primers here on Nordic Identity and Thought, Nordic History, Nordic Racial Science and the worlds foremost problem, the defiler of nations, the Eternal Jew.

What is happening in the future?

Alfred Rosenberg

In the future there will be more podcasts and internet radio shows with people involved in the Nordicist movement, Nordic Self Determination, and the drive to create a Nordic Community (see Nordic Nationhood and Nordicist Community against Globalism).

It is possible that a man could publish thousands of articles one after the other. Some great things for the future have already been published. The reality of the internet age is and the format of a website is that the majority of people will only read what is recent. There is much to read here already on Nordic thought and philosophy…

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