Mogadishu On Our (British) Streets


Two Murdered Teens & Their Killers

By Sarah, Maid of Albion

[…] Across the media, commentators continue to bewail this escalating slaughter of youth “society is to blame” they cry, “Our children are killing our children”. To a man, (and woman) the talking-heads claim that they want to find the “cause” of this ongoing teenage massacre, and yet, to a man they persist in pretending that it is a problem which besets wider society rather than one which is restricted to one small section of the community.

The one aspect of these crimes which the newspapers and TV report about them and that they studiously fail to acknowledge … is that the one thing, apart from their age and sex, which both victims and all their killers share in common is that they are all NON-white.

This fact is no aberration. We need only to…

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