U.S. White Minority Soon


By Bobbie Bowman

If you like telling stories, spinning yarns, crafting narratives, then you should love demographics — they are the best story of our lives. Demographics, you see, aren’t just about numbers. They’re about covering how this country [United States of America] changes from white to brown over the next [25 yrs. !] quarter-century. That’s something no other country has ever done.

Demographics are about power. They’re about people. When you look at a white baby, you are looking at the new minority in this country. When you look at black, Latino, Asian or Native American toddlers — you’re looking at the baby face of the country’s new majority.

Florida, California and Texas — any of these states could be a ground zero for this emerging and historic story. The change is apparent when you look at children younger than 5 years old in these states:

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