Black Mob Violence


The Universality of Black Mob Violence

First, my congratulations to Canada’s CBC News for referring to this mob assault as “swarming” and “an attack.”

The headline read, “20 young men kick, punch group in Dartmouth swarming.”

The Media in the U.S.A. generally refer to such attacks as “fights” to make it appear the the victims and their attackers were equally to blame.

One such mob attack occurred in Georgia where Joshua Heath Chellew was assaulted by four Black males at a Chevron gas station. Like the attack mentioned above, the mob appeared to select Chellew as a random victim merely because he was White. Chellew was severely beaten, then forced into oncoming traffic where he was killed. That attack occurred in June of this year.

The Associated Press shamefully reported Chellew’s murder as a “fight” that spilled into the street.

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