An Australian Integrity Test


English: A exposure blended photo of the Sydne... Sydney Opera House

Unknown Author

One day I walked into my front garden for some gardening work, and was greeted from over my fence by my neighbours who were going out as a family: the husband, the wife and the three children.

The lady of the house informed me that they were on their way to the Sydney Harbour Bridge (Australia), which was shut to cars to allow a protest march to say “Sorry” to the Aboriginal people for White settlement and the “stolen” generation, etc.

She asked if I was planning to go. I informed her that “I was not”, as I had not done anything to the Aborigines to apologise for, and reminded her that I was a recent migrant fromBritain and wished the Aborigines no harm.

She explained to me that it was not the point whether I had personally done any…

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