Understanding “Leftists”


Judy Rebick in 2005 Judy Rebick, Canadian Activist

Anyone who has interacted with radical leftists will notice certain consistent attributes among them.

They are highly emotional and irrational. Their conclusions are not based on logical assessments of a situation, but on their personal identification with one party, and the projection of their own emotional damage into incommensurable issues.

One can easily observe this phenomenon repeated over and over. It is evident in the histrionic behavior of Code Pink activist Sandra Ruch and the rest of her crew during their failed effort to sailThe Sea Hitler to Gaza to try to break an embargo against the terrorist group Hamas.

It’s evident in the unbalanced behaviour of OCAP activists who disrupted a City Council meeting a few months ago.

It’s evident among radical university professors who are mired in marginal areas of study, such as “Critical Race Theory“, “Gender Studies” and others permeated with self-absorbed nonsense

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