Say No! To Liberal White Guilt


By Petronius

The Liberal Death Wish

The rules governing race relations in the U.S. have been established within the framework of a Liberal ideology.  This is true for both Whites and Blacks.

Modern “Liberalism” is an ideology based on White guilt, but it offers no answers, no solutions, no redemption, and no real-world explanation for that “guilt” . . . instead, it offers grandiose procedures, which only serve to irritate their self-imposed guilt feelings:

By constantly emphasizing Black “victimology” and for those same liberal Whites … the focus is on continuous correction, on continuous re-education, on self-criticism and heightened sensitivity and (“sensitivity training“), on revisionist history, on more taxpayer dollars, on more affirmative action, on more government tribunals, on more groveling and kowtowing to the latest Black fetish, fad, demand, gimmick, or outrage.

[Editor’s Note: Let’s stop here for a few…

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