Mainstream Media Silent On Story


By Curt Maynard


Last January [2007], two Knoxville,Tennessee residents (below), college student Channon Christian –21 yrs. old, set to graduate this year, and her boyfriend Chris Newsom –23 yrs. old, were minding their own business and going about their own lives when they were carjacked by two black males, LemaricusDavidson[5] and Letalvis Darnell Cobbins.

Just taking Christian’s Toyota 4-Runner wasn’t all these two had in mind, they kidnapped the boyfriend/girlfriend pair and forcedChristian and Newsom to accompany them back to their ‘seedy rental house,’ where they then enlisted the help of two others, including a black female named Vanessa Coleman and proceeded to sodomizeChris Newsom in front of Channon before they emasculated [castrated] him and shot him in the head. He was then “bound and his body wrapped up in bedding and set afire,” prior to being “discarded like…

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