American Dissident Says It All


By Edgar J. Steele

“Leave there. Leave there now. You don’t have a lot more time…” Thus went a recent email from an expatriate American correspondent, writing from his new home of many years in Moscow, Russia.

I think he is right. I – we, that is – don’t have much time left before the final crackdown [martial law] comes. You know – the ultimate American police state. And, yes, it can get much worse. You have no idea.

Thus far, we have been complaining about the procedures, laws and bureaucracies being set into place. Just wait until they start to use them.

What’s It All About?

Come on… is obvious to even the most comatose couch potato that all this superstructure has nothing to do with deterring terrorism from abroad. It is about controlling us, of course. You and me.

What? Is that laughter…

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