“News” Vs Propaganda


Peter Jennings informing viewers of World News...

By Dorothy A. Seese

The briefest scan of the [so-called] “news” pages reflects nothing new. The same garbage in the Middle East, and the so-called Peace Process which is no process at all. The same war in Iraq, with only a few knowing what is really going on in that nation. Americans are given perceptions. Facts are scarce. War with Iran looms large in the windows of fear among Western people and nations. We only want things that stay “over there” among smaller, weaker nations with no real armaments of mass destruction.

Many Americans oppose the “war” over there because it isn’t a real war, it’s an invasion and failed occupation of a formerly sovereign nation, caught up in a rebellion the media calls an “insurgency” because some folks don’t like what America did and they’re taking it out on every American they can find.

Now and then…

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