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OTTAWA – “One-in-five people in Canada is foreign-born according to census numbers released Tuesday, an immigration surge unprecedented in a quarter-of-a-century and one that comes as the country grapples with acts of overt racism that fly in the face of Canada’s reputation for tolerance.”

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The “overt racism” mentioned here, whatever is meant by that, is an over statement. Canadians are continuously insulted with ‘overt racism’ no matter what it is we do. But any kind of racism in Canada shouldn’t be surprising when we have an immigration policy more akin to government complicity in the colonization of its’ own citizens by foreign nations.

Denied any avenue of protest, be it in the media of government, then acts of “overt racism” should be expected as citizens take their anger and frustrations out on immigrants when those most deserving of scorn are the nation’s politicians…

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2 thoughts on “Canadian Immigration Reform BLOG

  1. Australia beats Canada, we have 1 in 4 born overseas, and another 1 in 4 have at least one parent born overseas. There’s no issue with that, we’re all migrants after all, however there is deep concern about the type of migrant we’re inviting in.
    There’s no point in bringing in people who are culturally incompatible, eventually turning against you because of an idiosyncratic range of imagined slights, even trying to join jihad movements to kill and maim their hosts.
    I’m sure this is familiar to many Canadian critics.

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