Land of Gullible Fools

The following comments are referring to Canada’s ludicrous refugee policies that cater to unknown, un-vetted, undeserving foreigners who self-proclaim to be “refugees” after landing on our soil.  White-guilt takes precedence over common sense whenever this subject matter is broached. Critical analysis is clouded over with maudlin sentiments by hypocritical Canadians who would deny a bed in their own home to a destitute Canadian, but willingly lay the red carpet down for unknown foreigners from half-way around the world but only IF the government (read: taxpayers) pays for their exorbitant welfare costs.

“France” says: There is a big difference between genuine refugees and bogus ones. According to international law, asylum seekers are to go to the nearest “safe” country. Many are not doing that. Two cases in point: the “Ocean Lady” and the “Sun Sea” both ships carried Tamils directly to Canadian shores. Refugee claimants from Mexico, Hungary, Colombia, the U.S. and Jamaica – all countries that do not have records of persecution or human rights abuses received millions of dollars in health care services here in Canada for free.

From Mexico, 8,819 – $7 Million; 6,749 Hungarians – $4.4 Million; 4,583 Colombians – $2.6 Million; and 3,790 Americans – over $1.4 Million. (Source: CICS News, August, 2012) All refugee claims whether accepted, failed and abandoned costs $29,000 each, and are paid for by you and all other taxpayers. American “refugees”? Really? This is what WE are paying for. There are 37 designated safe countries. From these countries 87% claims dropped in one year thanks to reforms our government made.

In 2013, 97% of refugee claims from Hungary dropped. (CTV News – January 23, 2014). Do you think it is fair to genuine refugees that their claims be held up because of foreign opportunists who are simply taking advantage of a lax system? Do you think it is fair to the hard-working taxpayer to have to foot the bill for these opportunists? Do you also think it is fair for Canadians, who pay for it – not to receive certain health care services – while refugees do receive it? There must be a balance, here, “Big Bob”, and this is what our government is trying to achieve.

Joe says: We need changes. Not sure if this is the way. I see abuse all the time in the region of Peel. (near Pearson Airport) New Canadians come here. Use the health care and social assistants system then go back home for months at a time. Then come back for a awhile when they need health care or funds then go back to their home country again for months. This is so easy to expose I wonder why the major news networks have not ran a story on it. If Canadians knew the true extent of abuse they would cry foul no mater the humanitarian aspect. Is in not logical for one to pay into a system and country to help contribute to it before taking from it over and over again? I have a pretty big heart but I’m getting sick of people who have invested nothing to this great country yet reap benefits from it.

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