Costly “Special Interest” Groups


Barn raising in Brampton, Canada. Brampton, Ontario, Circa pre-1900. The real builders of OUR nation!

“Canada‘s immigration minister, and all Canadians have had to put up with more than the usual share of demands from some ethnic groups in the past few weeks.

A Muslim Liberal MP (member of parliament) seems to think that Canadians should have gotten used to these refrains, that they should expect many more in the future, and that they are obliged to take them. He refers to this as cultural sensitivity. His arrogance may be blinding him to the mood of many Canadians.”

“The Muslim MP made his comment in reaction to Citizenship and Immigration’s handling of the “Singh” and “Kaur” name-issue which Sikhs have subsequently used to make other demands. Following in the Muslim MP’s footsteps, they have implied that if Citizenship and Immigration (ministry) satisfies their demands, they…

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