Foreign Elders Collect Windfall


Patrick Grady

Canadian Taxpayers Should NOT Be Paying for the Care of Immigrants’ (foreign) Parents!


The generous benefits — to be derived from joining their own IMMIGRANT children in Canada — are quite obvious to foreign parents/grandparents who are eligible for sponsorship. This has created a steadily increasing demand for admissions. Despite admitting over 450,000 foreign parents and grandparents into Canada since 1990, the sponsorship backlog has continued growing to reach well over 165,000 elderly parents in late 2011.

parents (Photo credit: Mystic Lens)


The Canadian Government subsequently announced policy measures to stem the backlog. These included most notably: an increase in the number of sponsored parents and grandparents to be admitted next year, from nearly 15,500 in 2010 to 25,000 in 2012; a temporary “pause” on the acceptance of new sponsorship applications for parents/grandparents for up to 24 months; and the introduction of a new “super…

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2 thoughts on “Foreign Elders Collect Windfall

  1. I wonder if that’s the same in Australia. I remember the govt. here wouldn’t allow my old mum to come here back in the ’80s because she might become a burden on the state. But shortly afterwards there were hordes of old grannies admitted from S.E.Asia to jojn their youngsters who’d emigrated before. I’ll have to look into that.

    1. Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised as it seems all White nations walk in lock-step with similar policies.

      I once posted a youtube video showing both prime ministers of Australia and Canada reading the identical script in their respective parliaments, word for word. I don’t remember the topic but it was rather strange having two “independent” leaders separated by 10,000 miles and singing the same song.

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