Foreign Seniors Displacing Canadians


English: Québec Province within Canada. Españo... Québec Province in Canada

From: Immigration Watch Canada

Quebec senior citizen, Daniel Palladini, tells a disturbing story of recently-arrived foreign seniors jumping the queue for scarce spaces in QuebecSeniors’ homes.

Mr. Palladini points out that the [foreign] queue jumpershave never worked a day in Canada.

Meanwhile, Quebec Seniors,who have worked here all their lives and contributed to Canada’s social welfare system for all of that time, are told there is no room at the proverbial inn or that they will have to wait until room appears.

[See: Older Foreigners Collect Windfall]

This is no isolated incident, he says. It is an organized effort to deceive and abuse. Partially at the least, it also accounts for why, since 2001, the increase in the percentage of Quebec seniors has been significantly larger than the increase in the rest of Canada.

Canadians should note the…

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