Who’s White & Who’s Not


Frances Woolley

If Canada Used American Racial Categories

The US Census Bureau counts people by race:  White, Black, Asian, and so on.

Statistics Canada counts people by “visible-minority status” – we don’t like to mention words like “race”, or White up here.

The other day I found myself wondering, (what) if Canada used American racial categories … how would the demographics of the two countries compare?

[This] table shows how Canadian visible-minority (NON-white) categorizations match to U.S. racial groups. The mapping from one to the other is not precise. In the U.S., information on race is gathered from the question shown on the right.  [ELN Editor’s note: To view the tables, please click the links.]

There is no category for Arab or West Asian, and it’s not clear how people of these origins answered the Census question.

In 2010, a group of

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