Political-Correctness Unmasked


From IWC

Anthony Browne’s “The Retreat of Reason–­Political Correctness and the Corruption of Debate in Modern Britain” is just one of a long litany of books written about the scourge of the new McCarthyism that has seized control of every important institution in the Anglophone world.

[…][ Also: Short Definition of Political Correctness]

Political correctness (PC) has been defined as a neo-puritanism that attempts to save souls through assigning taboo or “disease” status to a real discussion of ideas such as immigration. People can avoid “infection” by obeying the taboo and either not participating in or preventing a thoughtful exchange of views on such topics.

[…] [Also:  Explaining Political Correctness]

There are few as intolerant as those who preach tolerance people who transgress politically correct beliefs are not seen just as wrong, … but evil,… to be condemned, silenced and spurned….”

Browne itemizes…

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