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VIRTUE IN A JACKBOOT: Anthony Browne on Political Correctness (PC)

[This is a re-post that deserves a repeat performance from 6/20/2007]

Anthony Browne’s “The Retreat of Reason-­Political Correctness and the Corruption of Debate in Modern Britain” is just one of a long litany of books written about the scourge of the new McCarthyism that has seized control of every important institution in the Anglophone world. Nevertheless, the subject is of such critical importance that it deserves re-iteration. Browne’s polemic is argued concisely and persuasively.

While his examples are primarily British, other countries such as  CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND and the UNITED STATES also suffer from the “PeeCee sickness” he describes.

[See: How To Destroy A Nation]

Political correctness (PC) has been defined as a neo-puritanism that attempts to save souls through assigning taboo or “disease” status to a real discussion of ideas such…

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