Re-Colonizing Canada


English: An aerial view of the UBC campus. U.B.C. Campus in Vancouver

Immigration Watch Canada

“So You Thought Canada Was Not Being Re-Colonized?” features a disturbing and revealing Vancouver Sun OP ED written by Henry Yu, a history professor at UBC (University of British Columbia).

As readers will see, there is not a great amount of logic in Mr. Yu’s OP-ED… but there is a considerable amount of arrogance.

Yu is Canadian-born of Chinese origin. He does not represent the ethnic Chinese who are making an effort to adjust to Canada, but he probably expresses the view of a significant number of those who want to re-create China here.

He (Henry Yu) clearly believes in having his ethnic group increase in numbers so that they can equal and out-number the white population of Vancouver.

Vancouver 1960 … BEFORE Henry YU and his ilk made their presence.

Good video of “pre-colonial” days up…

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