The Great Escape From Britain


By Michael Walsh

The number of Britons fleeing the United Kingdom has reached levels last experienced during the assisted passage era. Then, hundreds of thousands of destitute emigrants escaped the poverty of post-war Britain to settle abroad.

Today for the first time in history over 1,000,000 retired Britons choose to live anywhere but England, and most but not all choose mainland Europe. It is estimated that 240,000 UK citizens of all ages are now burning their boats and turning their backs on the United Kingdom – every single year.

One newspaper alone, the Friday edition of the Daily Mail carries nearly sixty advertisements for companies cashing in on ‘the evacuation’. These include details of 36 ‘escape centre’ exhibitions in England alone where England’s refugees can seek assistance in re-locating abroad.

At these exhibitions, some of them multi-stand, visitors in their thousands queue to learn about the attractions of life outside…

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