Islam Vs Western Countries


Faithful praying towards Makkah; Umayyad Mosqu...

Kathleen Moore

I have in front of me an article, dated August 15th to Sept. 15th, 2011 in the AWAJ newspaper published in English — a small free newspaper distributed in Montreal, Quebec.

The author’s name is Dr. R. Raashed, M.A., Ph.D in law from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Dr. Raashed is described as the Director of Islamic Information Services for Australia.

Dr. Raashed says:

Muslim is an adjective of Islam. Hence there can be no Muslim without Islam. The bottom line is a Muslim can NEVER be a SECULAR.’ … (secularism) ‘represents a great challenge to the national identity of Muslims…

It specifically discusses a recent secular alteration to the constitution of Bangladesh. Dr. Raashed says:

The deliberate removal of ‘Trust in God’ from the constitution of Bangladesh, put the current Awami government in a head-on collision course with the Qur’An. Hence, the government is…

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