Declining Western Nations


English: Enoch Powell appearing on television ... Enoch Powell in 1987

The Irish Savant

If you’ve been reading the comments to the previous few posts (here), you’ll have noticed something of a debate going on about the future of western civilization, between whom we might call optimists and pessimists.

In essence, the optimists’ argument is that Whites have taken so much crap and abuse in recent decades, that the backlash is coming. The pessimists on the other hand argue that things have gone too far, that we’re in an irrecoverable death spiral.

I reluctantly have to agree with the pessimists.

A bit of context: If western people had been told, say forty years ago (1970), that their countries would — within a couple of decades — be overwhelmed by un-assimilable, 3rd world immigrants,

…that they would be forced to give preferential treatment to such immigrants in jobs, housing, education and…

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