Will SWEDEN Save Itself?


Swedish Flag

The following appeal comes from a Swedish blogger who circumvents the MSM’sdisinformation network  by alerting the general public in matters concerning the troubling immigrant question in today’s Sweden.

Similar toother White western countries, SWEDEN is under  invasion by incompatible 3rd world peoples … and NOT necessarily by choice! View this video below:

To be truly informed, the astute reader will ignore the brainwashing methods used by Swedish newspaper/television reports written by Swedish reporters who are taught to lead you astray from the core facts of the immigrant problems in this small country of only 9 million. Instead, we suggest readers to focus their attention on alternative Internet news sources such as the two Swedish-based links below.

Also, we encourage other citizen journalists to develop similar news blogs exposing real truths without a “political-correct” news slant — nor burdened with fear-mongering racist” and “

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