Report ILLEGAL Immigrants*


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Elliot Lake News is not affiliated with the C.B.S.A. but if real Canadians wish to apply for a public service career they are seeking to hire 100 Canadians. The C.B.S.A. website for employment opportunities is HERE. Processing Phases:

Salary range for a CBSA officer trainee (FB-02) is currently between $58,078 and $64,859.


[Before reading further …]


Stewart, Neigabe JoelSTEWART, Neigabe Joel

Place of Birth: Jamaica

Birth Date: 1983-01-18  (31 yrs. old)

Last Known:
Toronto, Ontario

PHOTOS (<click>) of  other Wanted FOREIGN Criminals

Now, onto your referral for information, courtesy of  IMMIGRATION WATCH CANADA]


We urge Canadians to report any type of IMMIGRANT/REFUGEE FRAUD.   ~Toll Free 1-888-502-9060~


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