More Anti-White Practices


Visible Minorities of Canada

Immigration Watch Canada presents two news stories.

One story is from Canada’s Macleans magazine. It states that the United Nations has criticized Canada for using the term “visible minority”. According to the U.N. (whose members vastly over-representNON-whites), that term implies that Whitepeople (84% of Canadians) are the standard. (Obviously, eh?!  -Editor)

The U.N. has ordered Canada to appear in Geneva in 2012 before its Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

This is one more absurd example of how organizations like the U.N., including Canadian” groups who support high immigration and multiculturalism…… have conspired to undermine Canada’s sovereignty and ignore Canadian historical facts.

France and Britain invented modern Canada….. and Canada’s European-based majority population has the right to set Canada’s national policy on immigration, and all other matters.  It is also clear that this is an effort to have Canada bend…

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