Canadians Want Illegals Deported


By Jack Aubry (National Post)

A majority of Canadians believe immigrants who are in (our) country illegally or after their visas expire should be deported, even if they have family ties in the country, a newly released government poll shows.

CanadaOttawa, Canada

Conducted for Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the national poll revealed that respondents didn’t make a distinction between “undocumented workers” and “workers without the proper work permits,” with nearly two-thirds of Canadians coming down hard on illegal immigrants because they did not follow the rules.

[How to: Report ILLEGAL Immigrants]

Half (50%) say that they feel the same way about immigrants who have studied in Canada and have the potential to contribute to this country but who are now here illegally because their visas have run out,” said the poll summary. As well, a slight majority said immigrants who…

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2 thoughts on “Canadians Want Illegals Deported

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  1. Same call to deport them happens in Australia. But once they’ve got children born here they use every trick in the book to remain. It even happens in England when some of their most horrendous rapists and killers use the ‘family connection’ to avoid being deported after serving their prison sentences. It’s the downside of handing your justice system over to ‘human rights’ lawyers or the EU.

    1. This story is real but has a “laugh track” added by the uploader. If these border guards are examples of Britain’s gate-keepers, I now understand why border “control” has become an exercise in futility.

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