Costly “Special Interest” Groups


Barn raising in Brampton, Canada. Brampton, Ontario, Circa pre-1900. The real builders of OUR nation!

“Canada‘s immigration minister, and all Canadians have had to put up with more than the usual share of demands from some ethnic groups in the past few weeks.

A Muslim Liberal MP (member of parliament) seems to think that Canadians should have gotten used to these refrains, that they should expect many more in the future, and that they are obliged to take them. He refers to this as cultural sensitivity. His arrogance may be blinding him to the mood of many Canadians.”

“The Muslim MP made his comment in reaction to Citizenship and Immigration’s handling of the “Singh” and “Kaur” name-issue which Sikhs have subsequently used to make other demands. Following in the Muslim MP’s footsteps, they have implied that if Citizenship and Immigration (ministry) satisfies their demands, they…

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Foreign Elders Collect Windfall


Patrick Grady

Canadian Taxpayers Should NOT Be Paying for the Care of Immigrants’ (foreign) Parents!


The generous benefits — to be derived from joining their own IMMIGRANT children in Canada — are quite obvious to foreign parents/grandparents who are eligible for sponsorship. This has created a steadily increasing demand for admissions. Despite admitting over 450,000 foreign parents and grandparents into Canada since 1990, the sponsorship backlog has continued growing to reach well over 165,000 elderly parents in late 2011.

parents (Photo credit: Mystic Lens)


The Canadian Government subsequently announced policy measures to stem the backlog. These included most notably: an increase in the number of sponsored parents and grandparents to be admitted next year, from nearly 15,500 in 2010 to 25,000 in 2012; a temporary “pause” on the acceptance of new sponsorship applications for parents/grandparents for up to 24 months; and the introduction of a new “super…

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Oldsters Making Me Sick


English: Health Care Português: Saúde Pública


Old people make me sick.

Not all old people. Not Canadian old people. It’s those FOREIGN old people who fill up my Canadian city. They’re the ones who make me sick.

OK … maybe they don’t actually “make” me sick … but they certainly make it difficult to “get better”.

Getting better health-wise is more difficult when you have to wait in a hospital emergency waiting room BEHIND seventeen turbaned, or hijabed 70 year olds who arrived in Canada — YESTERDAY — under our ludicrous ‘family reunification’ program. (Not many old people arrive here from Scotland, France or Ireland to clog up our already over taxed health care system.  I don’t see too many of them.)

Old foreigners make me sick because they make me, and my elderly Canadian relatives wait AFTER them. We wait for doctor’s appointments, we wait for nursing home beds, we

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Foreign Seniors Displacing Canadians


English: Québec Province within Canada. Españo... Québec Province in Canada

From: Immigration Watch Canada

Quebec senior citizen, Daniel Palladini, tells a disturbing story of recently-arrived foreign seniors jumping the queue for scarce spaces in QuebecSeniors’ homes.

Mr. Palladini points out that the [foreign] queue jumpershave never worked a day in Canada.

Meanwhile, Quebec Seniors,who have worked here all their lives and contributed to Canada’s social welfare system for all of that time, are told there is no room at the proverbial inn or that they will have to wait until room appears.

[See: Older Foreigners Collect Windfall]

This is no isolated incident, he says. It is an organized effort to deceive and abuse. Partially at the least, it also accounts for why, since 2001, the increase in the percentage of Quebec seniors has been significantly larger than the increase in the rest of Canada.

Canadians should note the…

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Who’s White & Who’s Not


Frances Woolley

If Canada Used American Racial Categories

The US Census Bureau counts people by race:  White, Black, Asian, and so on.

Statistics Canada counts people by “visible-minority status” – we don’t like to mention words like “race”, or White up here.

The other day I found myself wondering, (what) if Canada used American racial categories … how would the demographics of the two countries compare?

[This] table shows how Canadian visible-minority (NON-white) categorizations match to U.S. racial groups. The mapping from one to the other is not precise. In the U.S., information on race is gathered from the question shown on the right.  [ELN Editor’s note: To view the tables, please click the links.]

There is no category for Arab or West Asian, and it’s not clear how people of these origins answered the Census question.

In 2010, a group of

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Political-Correctness Unmasked


From IWC

Anthony Browne’s “The Retreat of Reason–­Political Correctness and the Corruption of Debate in Modern Britain” is just one of a long litany of books written about the scourge of the new McCarthyism that has seized control of every important institution in the Anglophone world.

[…][ Also: Short Definition of Political Correctness]

Political correctness (PC) has been defined as a neo-puritanism that attempts to save souls through assigning taboo or “disease” status to a real discussion of ideas such as immigration. People can avoid “infection” by obeying the taboo and either not participating in or preventing a thoughtful exchange of views on such topics.

[…] [Also:  Explaining Political Correctness]

There are few as intolerant as those who preach tolerance people who transgress politically correct beliefs are not seen just as wrong, … but evil,… to be condemned, silenced and spurned….”

Browne itemizes…

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Political Correctness Run Amok


The Campaign Against Political Correctness logo

VIRTUE IN A JACKBOOT: Anthony Browne on Political Correctness (PC)

[This is a re-post that deserves a repeat performance from 6/20/2007]

Anthony Browne’s “The Retreat of Reason-­Political Correctness and the Corruption of Debate in Modern Britain” is just one of a long litany of books written about the scourge of the new McCarthyism that has seized control of every important institution in the Anglophone world. Nevertheless, the subject is of such critical importance that it deserves re-iteration. Browne’s polemic is argued concisely and persuasively.

While his examples are primarily British, other countries such as  CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND and the UNITED STATES also suffer from the “PeeCee sickness” he describes.

[See: How To Destroy A Nation]

Political correctness (PC) has been defined as a neo-puritanism that attempts to save souls through assigning taboo or “disease” status to a real discussion of ideas such…

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Mob Violence in America


Unamusement Park

Welcome to Unamusement Park! Go ahead and test your knowledge of mob violence in America with this short quiz.

  1. In recent years, have violent mobs comprising dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people, all of them Black, created havoc in major American cities including Milwaukee, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Kansas City, Minneapolis, New York City, and St. Louis?
  2. Are new Black mobs now reported on an almost daily basis?
  3. Do many of these Black mobs target random White people for brutal beatings, often using racial slurs and laughing at their victims?
  4. Is the racial makeup of the violent mobs relevant, considering that there is no epidemic of mob violence by Whites, or anyone else, but Blacks?
  5. Is the racial makeup of the victims relevant, considering that much of the violence is explicitly motivated by race, whereas there is no epidemic of racially…

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BLACKS In Holland


By Peter Stuyvesant

Until the 1970s … there was NO significant NEGRO presence in Holland.  

Map of the Caribbean Sea and its islands. Caribbean Sea and its islands.

In the 1970s … the first (immigrant) wave came from Surinam (South America), then in the 1980s the second wave from the Antilles (the Caribbean), and in the 1990s the third wave from Somalia(Africa). 

Another foolish European nation paying the price for Liberalism.

Since elites in the media and academic world never tire of saying that “mass immigration is beneficial to the receiving country“, it is good to put this thesis to the test using publicly-available government sources, and applying it to the Negro migration.

In 2010 the research centre of Erasmus University of Rotterdam produced a report at the request of the Dutch government on the effects of public investment on the empowerment of (Black Caribbean) Antillean

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