Police Uniforms NOT Uniform


Toronto police oficers Traditional Toronto Police Uniform – 1990s (Female on left)

David Menzies(via Creeping Sharia)

Whether it’s worn by a police officer, hockey player, usher, or soldier, surely the ostensible reason for donning a uniform is to have, well…. uniformity!?

But things are changing in regard to uniforms at that ever-sensitive “service” formerly known as the Toronto police force.

Indeed, the police have announced they’re going to accommodate Muslim policewomen who want to wear the hijab on duty.

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Some might hail such a move as another shining example of “reasonable accommodation”. Others, count me among them — look upon this directive as another assault against our Canadian traditions.

Yet again, another public institution appears to be bowing to the tyranny of political correctness — bending over backwards to accommodate certain individuals, some of whom are quite unaccommodating…

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