Myth Of Labour Shortages


English: Canadian Illustrated News, Vol.XXII, ...

From: Immigration Watch Canada

Canada needs an accurate inventory of its labour needs, not more hysteria about a so-called “labour shortage”. So let’s deal with the major issue.

(1) As the current Minister of Citizenship and Immigration bravely pointed out to the Committee, “This (the illegal workers issue) is a serious issue, one involving families and often children, but it is not fair to allow (illegals) ….to jump the queue while others who follow the rules have to wait in line.”

The illegals arrive, presumably to work. To be fair to Canadians and to legal immigrants who are looking for employment, they should not be allowed to stay.

The extent of the damage they have done to the lives of Canadian and legal immigrant job seekers has not been calculated, but it is probably huge. It should not be assumed to be non-existent. Canadians should not direct…

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