Britain’s Diminishing White Race


crowd_surge2“Darkness” Descending on Great Britain (Photo: The Green Arrow)


WHITE Britonswill become a minority in a dozen towns and cities within 30 years, a study has revealed.

Record levels of immigration combined with higher birth rates among newcomers will tip the balance between Whites and non-whites … and create a string of “super-diverse” cities where no single group will form a majority.

The watershed is expected to be reached first in Leicester, where Whites will form less than 50% of the population by 2020, followed by Birmingham in 2024, and by Slough and Luton soon afterwards.

London’s population will still be 61%White by 2026, although eight of the city’s 33 boroughs will be ‘plural’, with no one group forming a majority, according to the study from the University of Sheffield.

[UPDATE: London’s WHITE populationis

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