Canada Open To Immigrant Abuse


By PaxCanadiana

This article appeared in the Winnipeg Sun.

Though it is an argument as to why English (and French) should be mandatory for all potential immigrants, the piece does highlight how family reunification has been abused to sidestep such trivialities as language proficiency and pertinent job skills to import, what are — dare I say? — 2nd or 3rd-rate immigrants into the country.

Over the years, Canada’s liberal multicultural policy has encouraged family re-unifications, letting in members and spouses (within just six months) without demanding any language proficiency or educational qualifications.

The intent of this policy may have been benign, but the consequences have not been so benign. People have taken advantage of this policy to import into Canada their whole clans.

By waiving linguistic proficiency for family members, Canada has indeed helped spawn a scandalous spousal industry in its immigrant communities.

Imported spouses

Since they have…

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