Important happenings in Australia

Nordic Anti Semite

There are a few big changes going on in Australia as Jews suffocate us completely and as Anglo Saxon & Germanic founders constitute a very small shrinking percentage of the population and are swamped in all areas.

People have gotten used to the Jewish character, of continual lies. That is to be expected in a democracy, a who is the biggest liar competition. Australia has turned into a racial underclass of refugees and asylum seekers and their descendants ‘protected’ by caring Jews. These Jews have been behind the end of the White Australia Policy citing ‘the Holocaust’ as the reason Scientific Racism has lost its legitimacy and the reason why we have to let in the ‘persecuted’ (inferior).

Denis Napthine, Jew, Victorian Premier calls for prominent party members to step down. Liberal Party members are losing their jobs for ‘racist’, ‘sexist’ and ‘homophobic’ remarks, some from a few years ago…

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