Anti-White Brainwashing


By Tucker

For the last 60+ years, which is approximately the amount of time that the most deadly brainwashing mechanism ever known in world history has been up and running, and in the hands of our virulently ANTI-White Cultural Marxist enemies – meaning — Television and the motion picture industry — this brainwashing weapon has deliberately, and with premeditated malice aforethought has been used to indoctrinate the masses with endless anti-Whitethemes, messages, and negative portrayals of White European people.

Inducing young, vulnerable school children into a mold of ANTI-white thought.

Strong, virile Black Man matched against a Wimpish White Guy. Coincidence? Of course, not!


A 1984 PARTIAL Interview with a former propaganda KGB Agent



In the beginning, the Cultural Marxists had to be careful due to the wisdom of our former WASP ruling elites, because they had the old

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